Friday, January 25, 2013

Palmolive fresh infusions

I received Palmolive fresh infusions dish detergent because I am a member of . I see that other’s received coupons with their pack, I did not. That is a source of irritation for me, just because I don’t believe that it is fair to not give everyone the same thing. Perhaps, they made an error. I just don’t think that they did.

My favorite scents: 1st: white ginger tea, 2nd lemon thyme, 3rd lime basil

My mother’s favorite scents: 1st lemon thyme, 2nd lime basil, 3rd white ginger tea

The lemon was beautifully fragrant and pungent. It had the longest lasting scents of the three.
I love the white ginger tea the most because the scent was the most interesting.  I thought the scent was different than any scent of any dishwashing liquid that I’ve ever used.

Cons: The soaps are somewhat watery. I feel like the bottle finishes quicker than my other soaps.
Pros: It is still dish detergent, and it’s Palmolive so dishes will get clean. The smell is just delightful, it really smells throughout the room(s).

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