Thursday, January 31, 2013

Chopped on food network

This is a random posting. I used to love chopped, but now I am loosing my love for the show. They say the basket ingredients are mandatory every single time. The last time I checked mandatory meant Required by law or rules; compulsory. How can you say basket ingredients are mandatory but not disqualify someone who doesn't use the MANDATORY ingredients!!!! If that's the case it should be use the basket as a guideline. It should be reworded because mandatory means mandatory. This irks me every time I watch the show and I now hope the show is cancelled. I used to love the show, but the fact that mandatory ingredients are being stated as mandatory, but not being used as mandatory in practice is really irritating. It creates a facade, the basis of the show is no longer there!

This was very ranty, but I just can't stand watching these episodes and hearing mandatory and then when someone leaves an ingredient out suddenly the ingredients were no longer mandatory.

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