Thursday, January 31, 2013

Chopped on food network

This is a random posting. I used to love chopped, but now I am loosing my love for the show. They say the basket ingredients are mandatory every single time. The last time I checked mandatory meant Required by law or rules; compulsory. How can you say basket ingredients are mandatory but not disqualify someone who doesn't use the MANDATORY ingredients!!!! If that's the case it should be use the basket as a guideline. It should be reworded because mandatory means mandatory. This irks me every time I watch the show and I now hope the show is cancelled. I used to love the show, but the fact that mandatory ingredients are being stated as mandatory, but not being used as mandatory in practice is really irritating. It creates a facade, the basis of the show is no longer there!

This was very ranty, but I just can't stand watching these episodes and hearing mandatory and then when someone leaves an ingredient out suddenly the ingredients were no longer mandatory.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Palmolive fresh infusions

I received Palmolive fresh infusions dish detergent because I am a member of . I see that other’s received coupons with their pack, I did not. That is a source of irritation for me, just because I don’t believe that it is fair to not give everyone the same thing. Perhaps, they made an error. I just don’t think that they did.

My favorite scents: 1st: white ginger tea, 2nd lemon thyme, 3rd lime basil

My mother’s favorite scents: 1st lemon thyme, 2nd lime basil, 3rd white ginger tea

The lemon was beautifully fragrant and pungent. It had the longest lasting scents of the three.
I love the white ginger tea the most because the scent was the most interesting.  I thought the scent was different than any scent of any dishwashing liquid that I’ve ever used.

Cons: The soaps are somewhat watery. I feel like the bottle finishes quicker than my other soaps.
Pros: It is still dish detergent, and it’s Palmolive so dishes will get clean. The smell is just delightful, it really smells throughout the room(s).