Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Crest 3D WhiteStrips Final Review!

Crest 3D WhiteStrips Final Review!

I took a break from using the whitestrips not from complications but to test the product. I wanted to be sure that the white strip had staying power. 
Points to keep in mind:
1. I do not floss; I know that is a bad habit and I am trying to restart with flossing. It is not that I do not have floss, because I actually have many but I just never think to use it.
2. I did not use any other products from their whitening line but I do use crest baking soda and peroxide whitening with tartar protection fresh mint toothpaste.
3. I would consider my teeth to have been a B7/B8 according to

I found that the whitening has good staying power, after my teeth lost a small amount of whitening but not much at all. I would consider my teeth to now at least a B3/B4 but after the original whitening I would say were B2/B3. That was a great jump in shades so I was still quite content.

I had some teeth sensitivity in my bottom row as well as my vampire teeth for my top row. It has majority went away but I do feel it occasionally especially since I have never had tooth sensitivity in my life.

I truly recommend this product, it made my teeth very white with 9 packets left over. My only con is the fleeting tooth sensitivity and the fact that I wish it came in a way to cover all teeth.

I have a video as well describing my experience. Here is the link:

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